About Me

Coach Kanchana

Sprinter. Strength & Conditioning coach. And now, blog writer.

I work with The Quad as an Assistant Coach. Over the past three and half years, I’ve racked up ~2500 coaching hours, working primarily with amateur and seasoned fitness enthusiasts in a group class setting.

I also work with distance trainees online.

I’m a certified Fitness Trainer (NESTA) and Speed & Agility Coach (Lee Taft with Athletes Acceleration).

How did I get into this wonderful industry?

I’ve trained as a competitive State level sprinter for 10 years. Sports, fitness and health has been an important part of my life since I was a kid. Having experienced firsthand that working out and training can make my life that much more awesome, I wanted to help other people learn this for themselves!

Today, I love teaching people not just how to squat or deadlift, but also how to live healthier, happier lives 🙂

Oh and also, lifting heavy things makes me a happy person, and sometimes I throw green balls for fun.