Detox these common workout habits

If you came here looking for the latest faddy detox diet or juice cleanse that promises to burn fat, cleanse your aura, and give you the glowing complexion of a baby’s bottom… you’re in the wrong place.

Fun fact #1 – Detox diets are scams. You don’t need a juice cleanse.

Fun fact #2 – Toxins are not just things that you eat or drink. Toxins can be habits that mess with your progress. So detoxing goes beyond drinking lemon-honey-ginger-unicorn-feather concoctions and praying for miracles. 

And the only kind of detox you actually need : are these workout habits wrecking with your progress?

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“But warm-ups are boring”: why you should do them anyway, and how you can make them more fun

Admit it. Skipping or slacking off warm-ups is something we all do. It may because we find them boring, think we’re rushed for time, or don’t know how to warm-up.

I’m going to skip the part where I list out many compelling reasons why you should warm-up, and you nod along in agreement, and still skip your warm-up anyway. (A Google search will suffice if you are really interested). What you do need to know is,

A good warm-up helps your body perform better in your workout, and prevents the risk of workout related injuries.

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4 steps to a stronger Kettlebell Press

Single-arm Kettlebell press FTW!

The kettlebell Press is arguably one of the most shoulder friendly pressing variations there is.

For fitness professionals / movement geeks : “It involves the coordinated action of the serratus anterior and the middle trapezius muscles, which together lead to the proper rotational action of the shoulder blades.”

For regular folks : “it lets your shoulder do its thing.”

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