Are you doing these basic exercises wrong?

You don’t need the newest equipment, or the latest fitness fad to see results. And while I’m at it, you don’t need to squat on a stability ball to get stronger at the squat. In fact, for most of us, the best way to get stronger using a stability/bosu ball is to pick it up and throw it out the window as far you can. Shiny new objects are fun to play with now and then, but what gets you sustainable results is doing a few exercises, and doing them well.

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Split Squat your way to stronger glutes

You know that one thing that you changed about your fitness program that changed your whole life? Like you realised that veggies don’t totally suck and can actually be pretty yummy. Or that instead of doing abdomen crunches until you’re blue in the face, you found that strength training with good technique was a super intense ‘core’ workout? (and if you didn’t know that earlier, you do now :D)

For me, that game changer was Split Squats. Nine months of progression on this exercise and my legs stronger, I got more powerful when I sprinted, and I totally fit into my shorts better! Continue reading “Split Squat your way to stronger glutes”

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Six things your body needs more than a Six pack

Yes, I get it. Six packs are hot and you want one.

But before you choke on your grilled skinless chicken breast trying the latest “6 weeks to a six pack” program that some pseudo-professional posted on their Instagram page, let’s take a step back and understand what a six pack is. And whether the grind to get one is worth it (but that’s for you to decide, after reading this).

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Detox these common workout habits

If you came here looking for the latest faddy detox diet or juice cleanse that promises to burn fat, cleanse your aura, and give you the glowing complexion of a baby’s bottom… you’re in the wrong place.

Fun fact #1 – Detox diets are scams. You don’t need a juice cleanse.

Fun fact #2 – Toxins are not just things that you eat or drink. Toxins can be habits that mess with your progress. So detoxing goes beyond drinking lemon-honey-ginger-unicorn-feather concoctions and praying for miracles. 

And the only kind of detox you actually need : are these workout habits wrecking with your progress?

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Consistently inconsistent : How to break the pattern

It’s a story that repeats itself. You start a new workout plan with the best of intentions. You adhere to it very strictly for a week. And then you ‘kind of’ do it for another week. And then you stop altogether.

I’ve seen and worked with so many trainees facing this struggle to make fitness a part of their lives. And the struggle here is totally real.

If you aren’t part of the group that enjoys working out, getting sweaty and breathless, while pushing your physical limits, it is hard to be diligent about an exercise program. And even if you do enjoy working out, that doesn’t necessarily make it easier to work out consistently.

So what can you do to break this pattern? 

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Fitness – not just a measure of your waistband!


7 p.m. : You’ve put in a long day at office and are wrapping up work to head home. Your back and neck are achy from sitting so much, your eyes are strained from looking at a screen the whole day, your pants are strained from the (second) samosa you ate mid-meeting. Now what do you see as you drive home?

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