Consistently inconsistent: How to break the pattern

It’s a story that repeats itself. You start a new workout plan with the best of intentions. You adhere to it very strictly for a week. And then you ‘kind of’ do it for another week. And then you stop altogether.

I’ve seen and worked with so many trainees facing this struggle to make fitness a part of their lives. And the struggle here is totally real.

If you aren’t part of the group that enjoys working out, getting sweaty and breathless, while pushing your physical limits, it is hard to be diligent about an exercise program. And even if you do enjoy working out, that doesn’t necessarily make it easier to work out consistently.

So what can you do to break this pattern? 

  • Don’t expect immediate results

You know those advertisements that commercial gyms love?

“Lose 10kgs in 2 weeks or get your money back”  “Blitz 10lbs of fat with a weekend juice detox”

The next time you come across one of these – close your eyes and look away.

Anything that comes easily is not worth it. How long is it going to take you to regain the 10kgs you lost? Remember that these gyms thrive on getting you to buy in to promises (more memberships = more profit) rather than an actual long-term plan.

What will get you lasting results is sticking to a well balanced strength and conditioning program. If you can get a coach, all the better. If you can’t, well what else is the Internet there for?

You can’t go wrong choosing a program by Dan John or Girls Gone Strong.

  • Build a fitness social circle

You know what helps you get out of bed on days you don’t want to? Texts from your training buddies asking you why you aren’t at the gym ready to sweat it out together! (Or discussing post-workout breakfast plans). 

Both equally compelling reasons to drag yourself out of bed 🙂

  • Make fitness more accessible for you

Do what you can to make fitness easier.  Join a gym close to your house or office – no one want to face hours of traffic to make it to a workout and back. Fix a time that suits you best, even if it means 30 minutes during your lunch break.

Try out this hack – every day for a month, mark all the days you made it to the gym. And next month, try and beat your score by just one day.

  • Don’t let one bad week become a roadblock

There will be weeks when you simply can’t be as regular with your training as you’d like to. Maybe work was extra hectic, a family member was sick and needed to be taken care of, you had guests at home. Life happens, and that is perfectly okay. As long as you get back to routine as soon as you can.
Remember that it is hard to get back to routine once you fall off the wagon, so you will need to put in extra effort to get back to it. 

Did reading this make you more motivated? Is there anything that helped you stick to a training program that I haven’t mentioned on this list? Let me know; Comments section right below!

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