Farmer Carries – the magic trick to not needing two trips to carry your grocery bags ever again

AND you can burn fat, build your ‘core’, improve grip strength and total body strength with this simple (but not easy) exercise.

What are Farmer Carries?

Simply lift a heavy weight off the floor (no sloppy deadlifts!) and well, walk! Farmer Carry done. 

The ‘load’ can be kettlebells, dumbbells, loaded suitcases, trap bars, etc. It really doesn’t matter, as long as it is heavy enough to get the job done.

  • Don’t let your shoulder droop forward. Think of pulling your shoulders towards your back pockets, and keeping them there
  • Stand tall (“long spine”) and keep your core active; as if someone were going to punch you in the stomach
  • Stop whenever you feel your technique start to fail

Why should YOU do Farmer Carries?

No matter what your fitness goals are, Farmer Carries have a role to play in your training program. 

  • Carries for Strength

Carries are an effective way to build total body strength because the weight is distributed over your body as you walk. Bonus points because there’s a low risk attached to doing carries. Unless you accidentally drop the weight on your foot, there’s not much that can go wrong here. 

  • Carries for better Shoulders and Arms 

Not only do carries strengthen your shoulders, they also challenge your shoulder stabiliser muscles. With each step you take, your body needs to work not let the weight swing out of control. 

  • Carries as a Core exercise

Did you know that when you walk, your core and trunk muscles are working to keep your torso upright so you don’t stoop forward or rotate from side to side? And when you walk while carrying a heavy load, your core is working that much harder to maintain posture. Remember to keep your abs braced as you walk!

  • Carries for grip strength

And why do you even need grip strength?

Make a fist and clench it as hard as you can. Notice how the muscles down your entire arm and shoulder start shaking with the effort? Now imagine lifting a heavy weight with that amount of effort, versus keeping your hands relaxed. Which do you think will help you lift more weight?

  • Carries to fix ‘Computer posture’ 

Our posture sucks. We spend too much time crouched over laptop screens and we end up looking like big hooks,

Carries force our bodies into a more upright posture, and even better, make us aware of our less than ideal posture.

What are you waiting for…carry that weight 🙂

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