Injury Management 101

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Oh no, you’re injured! What do you do now?

Injuries suck. They are painful, frustrating, and you want them to get over as quickly as possible.

So how can make them suck less?  

Note : this post is not intended to be diagnostic in nature but having been through more than my share of injuries, this is some stuff that helped me stay (mostly) sane through my recovery.

Figure out what’s really causing your pain

9 out of 10 injuries are only symptoms or the result of an issue elsewhere in your body. For instance, your knee pain could be a symptom of weak glute (butt) muscles. Your neck pain could be the result of a slack core. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that there is a weak link in your system, somewhere. A good physical therapist will help you understand the root cause of your injury and what to do in order to prevent it from recurring. Recently, I was able to cure a pain in my foot without treating my foot at all! How? Because the physical therapist I worked with diagnosed the pain a result of a weak Quadratus Lumborum muscle and had me strengthen that instead.

Don’t hate on your body!

For a lot of us – and I’ve been guilty of this as well – our first reaction is to whine and bitch about our bodies. Why am I so weak? Why couldn’t my knee/back/ankle have stayed strong?

Guess what though. Not only does this kind of thinking get you nowhere, it puts more stress on your body in an already stressed out state which makes it harder for your body to heal.

What can you do instead? Stay calm, and appreciate all the little things your body allows to do. Give your body the time it needs to heal. Stand in the mirror and say thank you to yourself if you need to! (I’m only kinda kidding here).

Build (and use) a support system

Do not think twice about asking for help! We are not alone in what we go through. Chances are there are friends, family members, colleagues who’ve been through similar experiences and can offer support. Online groups (like Girls Gone Strong) are a great way to meet people going through similar journeys.

Don’t make it harder for your body to recover by doing stupid sHIT!

If you have a calf injury, it is not a good idea to wear high heels and dance through the night. If you have a neck strain, cut down your computer/driving time as much as you can. If you have back pain, make sure you aren’t sleeping in a position that puts more strain on it. Figure out if anything you’re doing through the day is making your injury worse.

Set other goals for yourself

When I was rehabbing a knee injury, I couldn’t do any lower body work for a while. So I started work towards my first push up. But you could set a non-training related goal too, like learning how to cook or play an instrument. Whatever helps you get out of bed in the morning 🙂

Did reading this help? Make you feel more positive about recovery? Let me know in the Comments! 🙂

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