[#NewMoveAlert] Lateral Plank Walk

Bored of doing the Plank? 

Here’s a fun variation to use in your next workout. Lateral plank walk – through an agility ladder if you have one.

I did this with a cup of water balanced on my lower back. Why?

Because it ensures that my hips stay aligned and my core stays tight. If I half-ass the plank and allow my hips to sway, I will end up with a very wet T shirt.

How do you do this?

  • First, can you hold a regular Push up Plank for 90 seconds? If yes, proceed to the next step. If no, you need to build more strength on the Plank before moving on to cooler drills like this one. Earn the right to do it!
  • You need to ‘reset’ your plank with every step you take. With every step, I’m adjusting to make sure my abs, glutes, and quads are contracted hard.
  • Keep your wrists right underneath your shoulders, and don’t let your shoulders collapse forward (think of pulling your shoulders towards the back pockets on your pants).

So try it out and let me know in the Comments section. Did you wind up with a wet floor? Did you learn something new about how to plank?

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