Consistently inconsistent: How to break the pattern

It’s a story that repeats itself. You start a new workout plan with the best of intentions. You adhere to it very strictly for a week. And then you ‘kind of’ do it for another week. And then you stop altogether.

I’ve seen and worked with so many trainees facing this struggle to make fitness a part of their lives. And the struggle here is totally real.

If you aren’t part of the group that enjoys working out, getting sweaty and breathless, while pushing your physical limits, it is hard to be diligent about an exercise program. And even if you do enjoy working out, that doesn’t necessarily make it easier to work out consistently.

So what can you do to break this pattern? 

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From Weak to (more) Bulletproof : What you can learn from my journey of being the weakling


For as long as I can remember I was the weak, skinny kid. I could run fast and lift a decent amount of weight, but I was also the kid on my sprint team who was always getting injured and falling sick. I’ve had more muscle pulls than I can count and was on first name basis with every physiotherapist at our training centre.

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Injury Management 101

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Oh no, you’re injured! What do you do now?

Injuries suck. They are painful, frustrating, and you want them to get over as quickly as possible.

So how can make them suck less?  

Note : this post is not intended to be diagnostic in nature but having been through more than my share of injuries, this is some stuff that helped me stay (mostly) sane through my recovery.

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